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Inspired the Guitar JC played on The Sound of The Suburbs a 70s Musicmaster Bought in Blanks music store in Kilburn, Thisis armed with with two single coil pick ups and a Tremelo.

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Tags:Electric Guitars, original, retro, Boutique Guitars

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A deposit of £170 secures this guitar

usual 4 week turnaround

the Local Craftsmen we work with can usually turn thesearound in four weeks sometimes sooner.

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this guitar can be produced with your name on the headstock.

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Parameter Value
Body Basswood
Neck Maple C shape with Rosewood Fretboard
Color Black
Headstock Black Handfinished Black with personalised Decal
Pick Ups 3 x Danelectro Lipstick Strat sized single coils
Hardware Chrome Deluxe Knurled Knobs
Machine Heads Kluson Style
  • Feb 9, 2014, at 10:37

    This guitar is a stunner, when I played it I fell in love with the sound and looks and you will too..

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